Both Sides Thinking® is our sub-brand, with it we create objects and tools to inspire people to look at life from a different angle and sometimes the quirky way.

Now Clock

Our mind can either dwell into the past or to the future, but this Now Clock always bring us back to reality. Very minimal design, comes in black and white versions.


Relation Game

Relation Game allow us to explore and discover relations which we might not know them yet, in order for making new connections. We host monthly Train The Trainers how to facilitate the card game: Certified Relation Game Coach

Hey Bye Tees

Chinese characters Black and White are pronounced as Hey and Bye in English, which both coincidently are the opposites. White is only visible from a black background, and vice versa, in this case, black and white's contrast is complimentary to each other.


Nowhere Lenticular Cards

Either you are "Now Here" or you are "No Where", this is a lenticular card, which you have to rotate up and down to see the visual move by itself. They come in business card size and post card size.


Humanity Puzzle

The puzzle pieces are designed in the shape of human, and they can connect with each other, the colors of different woods are similar to the different colors of the human skin. Symbolically representing united humanity. Some other versions also we made were: LGBTQ, fridge magnets, pair keychain, frame holder and dominos.

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Both Sides Thinking® consists of a series of over 300+ illustrations, and a dozens animated into GIFs, the aim of this project is to blend philosophy with minimal design, to visualize abstract concepts and philosophies through plain black and white visual representations. See instagram for more 



Both Sides Thinking® was exhibited in a few spaces with different life themes, and we look forward to do more gigs like these, we hope our exhibitions can inspire new thoughts on certain life topics, if you have a space and a topic you want to exhibit or talk about, get in touch!

Cross-Over Pop Up Show

This one was exhibited in a gourmet place called Cross Over in Shang Hai, the theme was "time", many Both Sides Thinking® visuals related to time were being exhibited, we also hosted an English as well as Chinese workshop about "time & money". A few interactive elements were placed, one was collecting people time tokens, where they can write down what they would like to invest with it, the other was a big billboard, where people can write down what they would want to do if they have 365 days for themselves. We received some interesting and funny answers from random strangers.



Wu Zhen Art Now Here

Wu Zhen, is a small village in China, they wanted to develop themselves as the village of art, Both Sides Thinking® visuals and installations were placed throughout the entire village. Because the exhibition was held during the new year, the idea was for the visitors to re-think about how they would want to plan their year ahead, so we hosted an event to reflect the past year and design the new year, we also created a board where people can write down their thoughts on some bigger questions. For a question like: "What is the most important thing in your life?", a little girl lovingly wrote down: "mom and dad".♥ 

A big 3D block text "NOWHERE" were placed at the main entrance, where the letter "W" could be panned left and right, and a gigantic Q42 billboard was made, in it were 42 visuals with 42 relating quotes to trigger thoughts.







Xinhua Art Service 

Xinhua Art Service has 4 different displays spread out in the Shanghai Xinhua district. Normally each display only exhibit one work at a time, but I was honored to be able to display all 4 of them at the same time. 

The theme was "Lockdown Memoirs" because the exhibit was right after the Shanghai lockdown, so these selected 4 illustrations were made during the 60+ days of forced lockdown.

And a hard cover booklet were made out of it in memory of those "special" days.

More info: Xinhua Art Service





Global Harbor Exhibit

At its city center, one of the biggest mega mall in Shanghai, Both Sides was invited to exhibit our works and products in their open space. Part of the revenue made from the sales goes to a children autism charity.






Both Sides Thinking® host offline workshops/events for different life themes. We are constantly developing new themes by inventing new tools, if you have an idea for a workshop, or if you need us to develop a tool for your workshop, get in touch!

Money & Time Workshop

Time and money are probably the 2 most emowering and limiting resources we have, and how we use them are totally different for everyone, in this workshop we use a self invented tool to create an overview of how we invest our time and money, we prioritize what are most important to us. Workshop usually last about 2 to 3 hours, and participants not limited. If you are interested to hire us to host a workshop or simply want to join our next Money & Time Workshop, let us know!

Relation Game Workshop

In Relation Game Workshop we explore our interweb of relations with the Relation Game 2.0 card deck, with relations not only limited to human, but also with self, nature, work, money, pets, universe etc. The workshop is designed for 4-6 people to play and takes about 3 hours. The motto for the workshop is: "A good life is built on good relationships." If you are interested to hire us to host a workshop or simply want to join our next Relation Game Workshop, let us know!


Apart from Instagram, we also run a blog on Wechat. There is this article where we specifically wrote about Both Sides Thinking and what we are trying to achieve. For this project we are also actively looking for partners and collaborators, if you are interested in what we do or just want to say hi, please don't hesitate to drop us a line!



Sometimes we collaborate with other brands and platforms to create cross over producs, we welcome more of these gigs, as it's a way to reach to an even broader audience. And there is literally no border for ideas, as it can be in any shape and form. If you are looking forward to create something together, get in touch!

No Coffee No Life

This is a 28 x drip coffee bags, co-created with Slash Workshop. They are specialized in making good coffee and a supporter to finding oneself. Different visuals on each coffee bag, is a source of inspiration and a topic starter. 
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Hey Bye Tees x Shusui Tam

This was a collaboration with paper cut artist ShuSui Tam. Black and white papers are often used in her work and the cut out shapes forms the negative spaces. There are some overlapses with the Both Sides concept, hence she created these 2 paper cut outs as the models for wearing the Black and White T-Shirts.

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